Equal Rights

Equal Rights


Equal rights became a topic years ago relating to consistent legal rights for all ethnic groups, particularly African Americans.  African Americans were denied access to bathrooms, drinking fountains, restaurants and hotels among other things because of the color of their skin.

Women’s equal rights were championed to secure equal pay for equal work or voting rights earlier in the 1900’s.   Such things were only just and were based on discrimination based on tangible, factual, physical attributes, skin color and natural gender (Female parts).

Recent laws have been passed to allow same sex people to marry, giving them “equal rights”.  Marriage has traditionally and naturally been regarded as the coupling of a male and female.  Before these “equal rights” for same sex marriages were given everyone had equal rights; A man could marry a woman, a woman could marry a man.  If you chose not to do that you chose not to marry.  Everyone had the same rights. Marriage by definition and natural reality was the joining of opposite sexes.  Nature discriminates against two men or two women perpetuating the human race.  By nature, there needs to be two people of the opposite sex involved: Truth.  Thank God your parents were heterosexual!

Recently transgender persons have demanded the right to use a bathroom in accordance with what sex they identify themselves and this has been granted in order to afford “equal rights”. Equal rights would actually allow all biological males to use women’s bathrooms or no biological males to use women’s bathrooms.  The consent to give those who identify as female but have male parts is actually special rights, not equal rights.  Because only some biological males can use the women’s bathrooms.  Once again truth is considered something I create internally rather than something that is discovered externally.

Some would say I discriminate against homosexual behavior while accepting equal rights for African Americans and therefore treat these situations differently.  Actually, I try to be consistent.  I would not try to convince an African American that he was just a white man living in a black man’s body.  I would try to help him understand that God has created him who he is for a distinct purpose and calling.  I would help him flourish as who he is rather than imagine he is someone else living in the wrong body.

Likewise, my goal would be to encourage the homosexual/transgender individual to accept who they are and work with them to find their greatest fulfillment in who God made them not try to convince them they are just living in the wrong body.

When we accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ over our lives, we accept that He has not made a mistake in who He made us.  He has made us for His purpose and our fulfillment in life is to fully accept and engage ourselves in what He wants us to do and be.









The word tolerance has been used a lot in the last couple of decades with a very different meaning from a few years earlier.  One of the most dishonorable accusations against one in these days is to be “intolerant.”

Tolerance used to embrace the idea of allowing something to proceed or take place or “putting up” with a situation, person or idea. 

Today tolerance has evolved to mean not only allowing but embracing and endorsing a situation, person or idea.  So you are intolerant if you don’t embrace and endorse homosexual “marriages”, sex changes for minors or transgenders using bathrooms opposite of their birth gender.

Intolerance meant not allowing something in the past.  Now it means not endorsing something.  The idea of inclusion accompanies the concept of tolerance, particularly this inclusion applies to lifestyles.  Every lifestyle is tolerated or included except a lifestyle which would exclude the concept that some lifestyles are not healthy or moral.

Jesus was not tolerant of other philosophies of gaining eternal life and He was exclusive when He said, “I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.”  To believe the Bible and the words of Jesus becomes both intolerant and exclusive by nature of the content of what Jesus said.

The new morality is basically defined by Tolerance.  Morality is not defined in behaviors or actions but in the acceptance of any behavior as equally acceptable as any other behavior. 








Right-Wing and Left-Wing

Right Wing/Left Wing


Our Founders used right wing and left wing to measure political power not political parties. Extreme  Left wing was more government/ tyranny/Ruler’s Law. Extreme Right wing was anarchy/ no law. Our Founder’s tried to establish People’s Law rather than Ruler’s Law as a balance between Anarchy/ no law on one hand and tyranny/Ruler’s law on the other.

Total right wing would be chaos and total left wing is oppression.

Today we are moving left where government is by the whims of men, rather than the rule of Law.  “Ruler’s Law is when the ruler issues edicts which are called law and then interprets the law and enforces it, thus maintaining tyrannical control of the people.  Problems are solved by issuing more edicts or “laws”, setting up more bureaus, harassing the people with more regulators, and charging the people for these services by continually adding to their burden of taxes.“ (Excerpt taken from the Book 5,000 Year Leap)

In America today we are moving away from the rule of Law to where elected and some unelected officials are making decrees (mandates) that are being enforced and considered Law without going through the legislative process.  Some legislatures are making these mandates Laws in the midst of this “Crisis”.  Many people who are driven to fear will give up freedoms for security.  So, what happens is, there is a crisis, government sweeps in with its answer and people give up freedom for the security of the promised solution the government brings.  In the meantime freedoms have been lost by the people and more authority to govern more areas of life is gained by the ruling class.

With each new crisis freedoms are lost by the populace and powers are gained by governing officials moving us closer to Ruler’s Law rather than People’s Law.

People’s Law has several characteristics.  One being, “primary responsibility for resolving problems rested first of all with the individual, then the family, then the tribe or community, then the region, and finally, the nation.”  (The 5,000 Year Leap, pg. 13)

The fact any tolerance is given to a statement that parents don’t have rights over their children’s education indicates a move toward the left wing of tyranny.

We hear of ‘Right Wing Fascism” today.  Fascism is a very left wing philosophy, including dictators and police states.  The term right wing for fascist seems to have its origin not in what they believed but where they sat in European houses of Parliament.  Communists generally sat on the far left side of Parliament and Fascists sat on the far right, with the others in between.  Communism and Fascism are very closely related governmentally with Fascists exercising control over private business.  We currently see that in the mandates given on a federal level to private businesses   regarding who can work for them.

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Let’s define truth:  A faithful representation of the facts.  The definition of truth has gone through a transformation in recent years.  What we imagine is often now regarded as truth.  So, fantasy can be truth which really muddies the water when talking about reality or the facts.

When I am sleeping, I can have dreams that seem very true to me, but they are not consistent with facts.  I have run in recent dreams, something I haven’t done in many years.  I once was riding in a car with Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister of Israel, in my dream, but it was not fact even though it was real to me.

Truth is something external that we discover, not something internal that we create.

For instance, if I determined internally that I was a dog, what’s true for me? Would it be all right for others to put me on a leash, or shock collar, and feed me only dog food?  That is considered humane for dogs. Or is my doghood not really “THAT” true?

Or if I identify as a deer.  I created my internal ‘truth’. Would it really be all right to shoot me and eat me since that is legal to do with deer or is this a different truth than factual truth?

When I was in high school, we had a student that said he was a tree.  So he would stand in the hall before school and between classes doing his tree dance. He identified as a tree.  Is that truth?  Would it have been ok to bring chainsaws and cut him into firewood or was his internally created truth not really true?  Was his imagination a faithful representation of the facts?  Trees have characteristics consisting of true substances he didn’t have, wood and leaves to name just 2.  Roots?  Ok I’ll stop.

Because one identifies as something or someone does not make it truth. It must faithfully represent the facts!

  • (Excerpt from article) In defining truth, it is first helpful to note what truth is not:
  • Truth is not simply whatever works. This is the philosophy of pragmatism—an ends-vs.-means-type approach. In reality, lies can appear to “work,” but they are still lies and not the truth.
  • Truth is not simply what is coherent or understandable. A group of people can get together and form a conspiracy based on a set of falsehoods where they all agree to tell the same false story, but it does not make their presentation true.
  • Truth is not what makes people feel good. Unfortunately, bad news can be true.
  • Truth is not what the majority says is true. Fifty-one percent of a group can reach a wrong conclusion.
  • Truth is not what is comprehensive. A lengthy, detailed presentation can still result in a false conclusion.
  • Truth is not defined by what is intended. Good intentions can still be wrong.
  • Truth is not how we know; truth is what we know.
  • Truth is not simply what is believed. A lie believed is still a lie.
  • Truth is not what is publicly proved. A truth can be privately known (for example, the location of buried treasure).


Why did Jesus say He was the truth? https://www.christianity.com/jesus/is-jesus-god/names-of-jesus/how-is-jesus-the-truth.html

Diversity and Excellence

Diversity or Excellence

 Related to the issues of Equality and Equity is the contrast between Diversity and Excellence.  Diversity is a wonderful thing as we experience a myriad of cultures and backgrounds and broaden our understanding and acceptance of a variety of people and cultures. However, if diversity is the reason for employment or position in and of itself it is harmful to society.  For example, you do not want someone hired to pilot the airplane you are flying in simply on the basis of their gender, color or sexual orientation. You want someone who is trained in excellence on how to fly an airplane. There is not a problem of hiring a diversity of people if they are all equally qualified but if we give in to quotas for quotas sake we are settling for an inferior product and/or service and we take motivation away from people to excel.

Our goal should be diversity with excellence not simply diversity. Excellence should be the determining factor, not race or gender.

The diversity dialogue seems to focus mostly on gender identity issues or sexual preference these days.  Biblically God created mankind Male and Female. This also is scientific. Gender is determined by chromosomes and body parts. There are unfortunate cases of real genetic abnormalities which should be handled with compassion and understanding.  However, most gender identity issues are matters of mental preference. Color of skin issues (race) are a matter of the color of your skin or your genetic parentage. Gender issues should be a matter of your scientific, identifiable physical make up.  We talk more about this in our discussion of truth.

Diversity and Excellence Sources




Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Systemic Racism

Critical race theory’s key assertion is

that racism is not the result of individual, conscious racist actions or thoughts. Racism is “systemic” and “structural.”

 It is embedded in America’s legal system, institutions, and free-enterprise system, and imposes “whiteness” as the societal norm.

The system, including capitalism, is “rigged”

to reward white behavior and preserve

white supremacy. Curricula and training sessions that teach that racism is systemic and structural, and demand that Americans work to dismantle laws, traditions, norms, institutions, and free-market enterprise—the entire American system itself—are part of CRT.  (Taken from E-Booklet The Heritage Foundation on CRT)


Systemic Racism means that racism is within the laws and governing system of a nation or other governed entity.

While racism is alive in the hearts of mankind all over the world, the laws of the United States do not make distinction of how to treat people on the basis of race.  This has been in the system in the past and prevalent in states until as recently as the 1960’s where people could not use water fountains, restrooms or hotels if they were black. 

People who are racist are still in positions of authority and might use their authority with prejudice.  However, the Laws of the Nation are not such that their behavior is justified or legal.  The racism is not systemic in the sense that it is not justified in the legal system.

A major objection to CRT is that it creates division by contending that in society there are oppressors and the oppressed.  And you are automatically an oppressor if you are racially white and you are oppressed if you are racially black.  This is diametrically opposed to the desire expressed by Martin Luther King, Jr. in his equal rights movement when he stated his goal that one day people would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

To read or view videos on this topic you can go to:   The Heritage Foundation, Christopher Rufo



Critical Race Theory – Christopher F. Rufo




CRT Ebook (Email required to receive)




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What is Insanity?

A young mother recently took her less than 2 month old baby to a local hospital.  She was asked there what the gender of the baby was when she was born.  Insanity involves a break from reality, delusion.  Somehow insanity now rests on a culture.

Even if gender was somehow defined by what we think and not by chromosomes and genitals, how can you determine what a baby is thinking about their gender?  They are not thinking about their gender and gender is not determined by what we think!

If I decided to breed horses, I would not have to interview the horse to determine its gender.  There are obvious physical characteristics which define gender.  The recent nominee to the Supreme Court although unable to define a woman did affirm the fact that physical characteristics somehow define a woman when she declared her reason for not being able to define a woman was that she is not a biologist!

The current delusion that thinks you determine gender in your mind is certainly a break from reality, known as Insanity!

I heard not too long ago some former classmates talking about how stupid it was for the founders of my hometown to believe, in 1900, the earth was flat.  At least they knew the difference between a boy and a girl!  Every generation has its challenges, but this might be the most absurd in history!!  Especially when you consider how many, otherwise seemingly intelligent people, just play along with this absurd game of deceptive, lying, non-scientific insanity!

The old story of the King’s new clothes is being played out before our eyes.  A child could easily tell us who is a girl or a boy unless we allow this brainwashing to infect their first thoughts and we can no longer see reality.

It would be absolutely hilarious except some people have bought into this group delusion.  We would be better off believing in a flat earth than this!!

What is a Woman?

                                                                                           Supreme Court Nominee

We’ve come to a critical point in society as we try as a culture to decide how we will determine what is true.  One crucial question being posed is, “What is a woman?”

That used to be a pretty easy question to answer and still is if we know how we determine “Truth”. 

I heard Matt Walsh is doing a video where  he goes around the world asking this question, “What is a woman?”  I’m looking forward to seeing the answers.

What really caught my attention was the nomination hearings for Supreme Court Justice.  In this hearing the candidate was asked what defined a woman.  She said she couldn’t answer because she was not a biologist.  A Biologist!?!

What this says is the candidate intrinsically knows that the definition of a woman is a biological matter.  She didn’t say I’m not a Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Sex Counselor.  Her default thinking took her immediately to biology.  That should probably offend those who think we determine gender by what we think.  The woman must be a right wing fanatic to even want to consult a biologist on gender matters!

Maybe some basic understanding was exposed by her answer that some in our society are afraid to recognize.  We really do know women and men are defined by biological parts and chromosomes!!!     


Abortion Overview

From a Biblical point of view, we can see in several verses that the unborn or preborn baby is indeed a stage in human development, not a totally different non-human entity.  In Luke 1:44 we read what happened when Mary came to visit her cousin Elizabeth.  Both were pregnant, Mary with Jesus and Elizabeth with John the Baptist.  Elizabeth says, “For behold, when the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby leaped in my womb for joy.” 

The Greek word for baby in this verse is “Brephos”, which is used in Greek for either a preborn or newborn.  It’s not a change in existence from one creature to another.  It is a change in residence from inside the mother to outside. Currently the most dangerous place to live in America is not in Chicago, New York or St. Louis, but in your mother’s womb.

As a civil rights issue abortion is a crime on the basis of place of residence.  A baby unborn 7 months after conception can be killed inside of her mother while a baby 7 months from conception outside of her mother’s womb like my youngest granddaughter is considered a protected human with rights.  Same stage of development, just a different place of residence and stopping its beating heart is legal if you can’t see the baby inside the mother, but murder if this same baby would be visible outside of its mother.

However, the slippery slide of disregard for life is encroaching even on this as now we see advocates for allowing this baby to die if it is a product of an unsuccessful abortion and finds itself alive outside the mother.  Some want to disregard that it is alive and breathing and give it no support to live because the intention was to kill it while still inside the mother.

Both Psalm 139:13-16 and Jeremiah 1:5 show how God regards as a real person, people before they are born.

You’re Not Pro-Life If…?

I have heard in the last two years that if you don’t have an open border philosophy or if you don’t wear a mask you cannot be pro-life because someone could die not crossing the border or they could get Covid if you’re not wearing a mask and die. 

With that reasoning if you text and drive or simply drive a car you cannot be pro-life because someone could die.

The difference is in the intent.  Someone who doesn’t wear a mask or believes in a strict immigration border policy does not do that to kill someone, but every abortion is done with the intent to kill someone, and Intent makes the difference!

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