New York Supreme Court reverses Vaccine Mandates

Many people in New York and across the United States lost their jobs for not getting the COVID 19 “Vaccine Shot”.  The New York Supreme Court has now ruled that workers must be rehired and paid for time lost because of these illegal mandates.

In the summary of the decision that I read, the court stated that the vaccine neither prevented getting the disease nor did it prevent the spreading of the disease.

These statements were considered to be misinformation and got you banned from speaking in the public forum through social media just a few months ago.  You were labeled some kind of denier or anti vaccine proponent or some other label that brings with it the sense of public rejection and an anti science label!

Could it be possible to oppose a bad vaccine and approve of others?  Or is that not a possibility?  If a fraction of the deaths reported to VAERS, which is the voluntary reporting service for adverse effects from the vaccine, are truly related to these vaccines, these would be the deadliest vaccines in history.

So now the court is making decisions by declaring that which was loudly and arrogantly proclaimed as misinformation to be true.

The frightening reality is someone had authority to disseminate their own information worldwide and had the cooperation of social media and the press to suppress other opinions which in reality were more accurate than what the official experts were telling us!

We just wanted to be able to make our own informed decision on the serious matter!  Once again it is both inadequate and disingenuous to say simply that the vaccine is “safe and effective!”

Truth on Vaccines is Seeping Through Cracks in the Media Barricades

You have certainly heard advertisements for Pharmaceuticals on TV where they tell you all the benefits until the end of the Ad when someone reads off all the possible adverse effects faster than the speed of light in a way that is incomprehensible to the listener.  They are covering their liability by advising you ahead of time what might go wrong.

Did you notice there have been no such warnings when promoting the COVID-19 “Vaccines”?  They have simply been described as safe and effective.  The reason they have no disclaimers is because they were prescribed under the Emergency Powers Act.  Therefore, they are immune to lawsuit as long as there is no treatment for the virus.  Thus, it seems treatments were blocked or rejected during the early days of the pandemic to preserve immunity to liability.  Some have contended that lives were sacrificed to maintain this immunity to legal action.  Early on, the Doctors who were asking why we’re not treating people had their voices silenced and their opinions banned from public display. 

However, now we are seeing adverse effects of cytotoxic proteins, ganglia clots being observed by embalmers that were never seen like this before the pandemic/vaccine era, major upticks in myocarditis and pericarditis among young men particularly and a major uptick in deaths in general reported by insurance companies that are unrelated to COVID.

A report I read today said the effectiveness of the vaccines deteriorates after 70 to about 90 days depending on which vaccine.  At that point some even report a negative effectiveness which means you are more likely to get the disease if vaccinated.  If this hasn’t been totally substantiated yet, it still would have been nice to know even preliminary findings before decisions are made that can alter your life.

This is one example.  I remember hearing an early Cleveland Clinic study that indicated it would not be useful to receive the vaccine if you had already recovered from COVID.  This information and studies like this were not easily found.

The mantra has been safe and effective.  THAT’S IT!!  Very disingenuous!  At least we should have been hearing some incomprehensible warning at the end of vaccine promotions warning of the possible adverse effects.  Now we begin to hear when it’s too late for many to make their own informed decision.

When government decides what can be heard and what is truth we are no longer in a free society.  That was what happened during this pandemic.  William Federer’s book “Socialism” is subtitled, How the deep state capitalizes on crises to consolidate control.  Very telling and seemingly applicable to what we have just gone through.


The Fascist title is being tossed around by all sorts of people from every direction.  Sometimes the term far right fascist is used.  Usually this implies an unhealthy nationalism.  Which would have to be a nationalism that imposed itself on other nations.  Otherwise a love and dedication to your own country could be called Patriotism.  Fascism is not right wing politically since right wing implies less government while fascism is a dictatorship.  Fascists were called far right in European Parliaments because that is where they were seated in the chambers, the Communists were far left and the fascists were far right positionally in the parliament chambers.

The left wing politicians commonly call right wingers in these days fascist.  They imply by this they are overly Patriotic.  While true Fascism is usually characterized by militarizing the police against political opponents, censoring the sources of information and colluding with and controlling private business to institute government policies.  

So, the raids by the FBI on private citizens (and former Presidents), the censoring of those who oppose left wing rhetoric or government sanctioned “truth” on social media and Main stream media and the fact that these sources of media are acting as an arm of the left wing government views are the real signs of Fascism.  We thus are moving toward a ruling class and a ruled class.  The ruling class establishes the limits on what you can think by limiting the sources of your information. And this is done by actually controlling the operation of private business, in this case controlling social media and main stream news.

SO certain claims that conservatives or MAGA Republicans are fascist, Or Semi Fascist, is being made by those who are truly acting like Fascists.

Once again, just accuse your opponents of doing what you are doing or plan to do.  The strategy of the day!  Saul Alinsky would be proud.

Government Disinformation Oversight Department

Marxist Ideology at Work

The news that the Biden Administration wants to have a governing body overseeing disinformation is a giant leap toward governmental oppression.  This means that the government decides what you get to see and hear.  They determine the correctness of the information.  It would be nice to know what are their determining factors for truth.

In the last few years we have been told by these establishment authorities that Trump was in collusion with Russia and there was overwhelming evidence.  The Mueller investigation which ate up resources and years of our time concluded there was no such proof, although we were told there was overwhelming proof. (Read Susan Rice’s testimony in the Mueller report for yourself.  She was National Security Adviser but claimed she had no proof of collusion, cooperation or conspiracy between Trump and Russia.  She claims her source of collusion was the press, “Steele Dossier”.)

Information was banned on the internet as disinformation that said you could get COvid if you had a vaccine or you could spread COvid if you had a vaccine. This has now been seen as a normal part of our world.

The Hunter Biden laptop information was discarded as Russian disinformation when the story first came out.

It seems “disinformation” has little to do with facts but rather if it contradicts the agenda of those wanting to govern the thinking of everyday Americans.

Governmental disinformation departments are not compatible with “free” societies but very compatible with totalitarian rulers.

Those that claim others are destroying our Democracy are proving once again they are doing just that.  While they use the strategy of accuse your opposition of doing the very thing that you are doing.