Palestinian Occupiers!?!?

Occupiers!  Apartheid State!  The words describe what is automatically regarded as a toxic hateful condition.  No argument necessary.  The use of inflammatory generalizations settles the issue.

Israelis are called occupiers even though they have lived in the land for 3,000 years.  “Palestine” at one time not too long ago was just another term for the land we call Israel. And Israel is called an Apartheid State even though Arabs hold positions in government and business in Israel.

The irony is that left wing liberals who oppose the existence of Israel and call for a two state solution have little understanding of what they are asking for.  

If a separate Arab Palestinian State was established it would be intolerant of homosexuals.  With the general history of other Arab states to consider it would likely be oppressive to women and it has been declared, no Israeli could live in it, AN APARTHEID STATE!!!  A government established on the basis of race.

So Palestine would be anti-gay, hostile to women and racist!  That is what left wingers are advocating in their ignorance when they say they stand for just the opposite.  

Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the only Jewish state in the world and it actually allows Arab participation in its government.  What Arab States have allowed Jewish participation? 

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