The Fascist title is being tossed around by all sorts of people from every direction.  Sometimes the term far right fascist is used.  Usually this implies an unhealthy nationalism.  Which would have to be a nationalism that imposed itself on other nations.  Otherwise a love and dedication to your own country could be called Patriotism.  Fascism is not right wing politically since right wing implies less government while fascism is a dictatorship.  Fascists were called far right in European Parliaments because that is where they were seated in the chambers, the Communists were far left and the fascists were far right positionally in the parliament chambers.

The left wing politicians commonly call right wingers in these days fascist.  They imply by this they are overly Patriotic.  While true Fascism is usually characterized by militarizing the police against political opponents, censoring the sources of information and colluding with and controlling private business to institute government policies.  

So, the raids by the FBI on private citizens (and former Presidents), the censoring of those who oppose left wing rhetoric or government sanctioned “truth” on social media and Main stream media and the fact that these sources of media are acting as an arm of the left wing government views are the real signs of Fascism.  We thus are moving toward a ruling class and a ruled class.  The ruling class establishes the limits on what you can think by limiting the sources of your information. And this is done by actually controlling the operation of private business, in this case controlling social media and main stream news.

SO certain claims that conservatives or MAGA Republicans are fascist, Or Semi Fascist, is being made by those who are truly acting like Fascists.

Once again, just accuse your opponents of doing what you are doing or plan to do.  The strategy of the day!  Saul Alinsky would be proud.

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