WHO tells YOU what to DO!!

Destroying Our Democracy:

There continues to be this inflammatory declaration that most every action taken by those opposed to anything not coming from the political left is “destroying our democracy.”  This is, of course, very ominous sounding and something we want to avoid at all costs.

And yet the ones using this battle cry promote policy and actions that erode the foundational underpinnings of a free society.  Such as, the desire to set up a government monitoring system to decide what information is not misinformation and thus fit to be allowed on media or social media.

Now our own government is promoting abdication of our rights as a nation to sovereign control by allowing the World Health Organization (WHO) to tell us how we are to conduct our own public health policies.  This is simply another step toward a One World Governing organization and with that comes the automatic “Destruction of Our Democracy.”

Not only would we forfeit the freedom of individual rights, it would be given to governmental agencies outside of our nation, our democracy.  Thus destroying it! 

WHO would tell us what to do!!!

Government Disinformation Oversight Department

Marxist Ideology at Work

The news that the Biden Administration wants to have a governing body overseeing disinformation is a giant leap toward governmental oppression.  This means that the government decides what you get to see and hear.  They determine the correctness of the information.  It would be nice to know what are their determining factors for truth.

In the last few years we have been told by these establishment authorities that Trump was in collusion with Russia and there was overwhelming evidence.  The Mueller investigation which ate up resources and years of our time concluded there was no such proof, although we were told there was overwhelming proof. (Read Susan Rice’s testimony in the Mueller report for yourself.  She was National Security Adviser but claimed she had no proof of collusion, cooperation or conspiracy between Trump and Russia.  She claims her source of collusion was the press, “Steele Dossier”.)

Information was banned on the internet as disinformation that said you could get COvid if you had a vaccine or you could spread COvid if you had a vaccine. This has now been seen as a normal part of our world.

The Hunter Biden laptop information was discarded as Russian disinformation when the story first came out.

It seems “disinformation” has little to do with facts but rather if it contradicts the agenda of those wanting to govern the thinking of everyday Americans.

Governmental disinformation departments are not compatible with “free” societies but very compatible with totalitarian rulers.

Those that claim others are destroying our Democracy are proving once again they are doing just that.  While they use the strategy of accuse your opposition of doing the very thing that you are doing.  


Supreme Court Leak

Roe v Wade, Election Integrity, “Destroying Our Democracy”

The big news is Roe v Wade will likely be overturned according to a leaked draft of the majority opinion from the Supreme Court. Amazingly protestors were ready immediately and official statements were released including one by house and senate leaders decrying that this will be like tearing up our Constitution and destroying our democracy.

Sliding under the news agencies’ radar is the fact that a significant documentary, “2,000 Mules” was released the same day as the Supreme Court leak.  In this film is the documented process by which the filmmakers and “True the Vote” claim the election was fraudulently tampered with and the results severely affected.  

I suspect the timing of this leak was intentional!

Those crying out that overturning Roe is destroying our democracy are ignoring the evidence of the most egregious act in history to overthrow our democracy.  If you do not have election integrity you do not have a democracy or in our case a Republic because voting is the fundamental tool that incorporates “the rule of the people”.

The Roe decision will invoke violence in the street because the radical left is violent.  If we can’t destroy the unborn we will threaten the physical safety of people and businesses so we can intimidate through violence.

The very ones who scream consistently, “their destroying our democracy” , it’s simply a talking point, are bent on doing just that.  They want to use executive powers in times of crisis to control people not by law but by mandates, “Ruler’s Law”.  That takes rights away from the people and puts power  into the hands of the ruling class.

It’s simply Marxist/Socialist/Communist tactics put into motion. This group has said they want Socialism and have honored Marxists and Communists and it’s true.  They really do! 

They want to destroy our Democracy!!!