Equal Rights

Equal Rights


Equal rights became a topic years ago relating to consistent legal rights for all ethnic groups, particularly African Americans.  African Americans were denied access to bathrooms, drinking fountains, restaurants and hotels among other things because of the color of their skin.

Women’s equal rights were championed to secure equal pay for equal work or voting rights earlier in the 1900’s.   Such things were only just and were based on discrimination based on tangible, factual, physical attributes, skin color and natural gender (Female parts).

Recent laws have been passed to allow same sex people to marry, giving them “equal rights”.  Marriage has traditionally and naturally been regarded as the coupling of a male and female.  Before these “equal rights” for same sex marriages were given everyone had equal rights; A man could marry a woman, a woman could marry a man.  If you chose not to do that you chose not to marry.  Everyone had the same rights. Marriage by definition and natural reality was the joining of opposite sexes.  Nature discriminates against two men or two women perpetuating the human race.  By nature, there needs to be two people of the opposite sex involved: Truth.  Thank God your parents were heterosexual!

Recently transgender persons have demanded the right to use a bathroom in accordance with what sex they identify themselves and this has been granted in order to afford “equal rights”. Equal rights would actually allow all biological males to use women’s bathrooms or no biological males to use women’s bathrooms.  The consent to give those who identify as female but have male parts is actually special rights, not equal rights.  Because only some biological males can use the women’s bathrooms.  Once again truth is considered something I create internally rather than something that is discovered externally.

Some would say I discriminate against homosexual behavior while accepting equal rights for African Americans and therefore treat these situations differently.  Actually, I try to be consistent.  I would not try to convince an African American that he was just a white man living in a black man’s body.  I would try to help him understand that God has created him who he is for a distinct purpose and calling.  I would help him flourish as who he is rather than imagine he is someone else living in the wrong body.

Likewise, my goal would be to encourage the homosexual/transgender individual to accept who they are and work with them to find their greatest fulfillment in who God made them not try to convince them they are just living in the wrong body.

When we accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ over our lives, we accept that He has not made a mistake in who He made us.  He has made us for His purpose and our fulfillment in life is to fully accept and engage ourselves in what He wants us to do and be.






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