A Quick Guide to Social Concerns of the Day

We look with hope for the resurrection of the culture of America which presently seems to be on life support. Wouldn’t it be just like God to take something that looks virtually dead and raise it back to life.  That is our hope and prayer.  And with that we offer this little guide to assist you in addressing the issues of the day from at least a perspective that tries to maintain a Biblical basis and some basic understanding of some current trends.

This guide will give some basic thoughts on each topic discussed followed by references and links to sites that can help you educate yourself further on each topic.

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Blessings to you and may we see the glory of God demonstrated before our eyes!


 What terms have you heard, Diversity, climate change, CRT, right wing Fascist or perhaps Socialism?

What is really being talked about and what is an informed Christian response?

Where are resources I can go to, so I can learn more and how do I access those?

The goal of this information is to inform you about current issues, give you some quick understanding and equip you with resources to help get informed and to share with others.