Girl Given Access to Dress and Undress in Boy’s Locker Room

   In Rural Southern Illinois, a teacher has been put on administrative leave for not allowing a biological female to use the Boy’s locker room to change her clothes.

There is an Illinois law that allows one to dress in the Locker room of the sex they identify themselves as.  Here is a philosophical problem.  How can you determine if someone identifies as a boy or a girl if you cannot define what boy or girl means?  What is a boy, or girl?

If it is not defined by chromosomes and genitals, what is it defined by?  Are you male if you are aggressive or stronger?  What if you have male genitals but are passive and weaker?  Does that make you a girl?

What is it you identify as if you say you identify as a boy or girl?  We must have a clear definition to even begin to make any kind of judgment call.  

Truth is not something we make up internally it is something we discover externally.  What facts are used to determine gender?  Truth is a faithful representation of the facts.  It has been easy for years to determine male and female by genitals and chromosomes.  We still do that with every other animal species except humans.

You don’t have to interview horses to determine their gender.  You simply examine their genitals.

Before we can truly determine if someone identifies as male or female, there must of necessity be a definition of what males and females are!  Otherwise we are simply embracing fantasy, feeling, opinion or delusion as fact with no objective grounds to make a determination.

The Hijacking of Gender Terminology

When I was in Grammar school and High School we were taught you couldn’t define a word using the word to define itself.  Well…. we’re in a new age.  It seems the words man and woman are undefinable in the popular culture without using the terms man and woman in the definition.  There are no identifiable traits only I identify as….

So, I heard a Professor from Cal Berkeley giving testimony before Congress and she was asked if her term, people with a capacity for pregnancy are women. She said some cis women get pregnant some don’t and some trans men get pregnant or some such thing.  What has happened is definitions of terms, specifically men and women, have been hijacked and given new all encompassing and yet very vague and undefinable definitions, other than, I identify as….!

It’s probably time to begin using our own terms, such as people with a uterus, formerly called women, can be pregnant. The term, Man, has been hijacked to mean nothing in particular.  To listen to this Professor explain why some men can get pregnant showed just how proud she was to explain these mysteries and of course immediately accuse the Congressman who asked the question of being transphobic and contributing to violence and the death of trans people.  

It is very prevalent for the advocates of gender confusion to turn to accusation or name calling whenever anyone disagrees with their declarations.  That puts an end to the discussion since anyone who disagrees is doing violence and is hostile.  No need for discussion, logic or biological facts when the  gender “confusionist” has said what she/he/it/they/them has to say.  After all, I am a Professor at an institution of higher learning and you need to listen to what I say and just agree.

It’s funny as I read the recap of this discussion from both liberal and conservative news casts, each thought the person they supported “schooled” the other and put them to shame.  The Professor exhibited no shame from what I could see nor did the Congressman.  It’s been a simple issue over the years and still is.  If you desire to raise horses, for example, you need at least one female  and one male.  Even if the horse thinks it’s the opposite gender, it doesn’t matter.  And in the adult human species, the adult females have been called, women, for a long time and the adult males have been called men.  They have distinct chromosomes and sexual parts and it is really pretty easy to distinguish.  If you are confused we can get you help to work through the confusion.  Your imagination doesn’t change facts.  It reminds me of a verse in Romans, “Confessing themselves to be wise, they became fools…”

The only reason they have any argument is because they have hijacked the terms and given them their own definitions.  Maybe we should classify humans as uterus people and prostate people, although men and women is a lot easier!!

What is a woman? (part 2)

It seems we left the nomination of our new supreme court justice in a precarious place.  The goal of the present administration was to confirm the first Black Female Justice to the Supreme Court.   Since the candidate is unable to define woman, do we know if this candidate qualifies as the African American Justice that was desired?  

Should the Senators have asked if she was a woman?  If not, perhaps the goal of firsts could still be obtained by just having someone identify as an African American Woman who is already on the Court. That should be sufficient if truth is simply established by what one thinks!!


What is a Woman?

                                                                                           Supreme Court Nominee

We’ve come to a critical point in society as we try as a culture to decide how we will determine what is true.  One crucial question being posed is, “What is a woman?”

That used to be a pretty easy question to answer and still is if we know how we determine “Truth”. 

I heard Matt Walsh is doing a video where  he goes around the world asking this question, “What is a woman?”  I’m looking forward to seeing the answers.

What really caught my attention was the nomination hearings for Supreme Court Justice.  In this hearing the candidate was asked what defined a woman.  She said she couldn’t answer because she was not a biologist.  A Biologist!?!

What this says is the candidate intrinsically knows that the definition of a woman is a biological matter.  She didn’t say I’m not a Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Sex Counselor.  Her default thinking took her immediately to biology.  That should probably offend those who think we determine gender by what we think.  The woman must be a right wing fanatic to even want to consult a biologist on gender matters!

Maybe some basic understanding was exposed by her answer that some in our society are afraid to recognize.  We really do know women and men are defined by biological parts and chromosomes!!!