Evolutionary theory has been held onto by those who need to eliminate God from their view of life. If God exists, and He does, each of us has intrinsic value. We have value because we are each God’s special creation and life has been given to us as His gift.  There is also right and wrong, a standard of morality.
On the contrary, if we simply evolved as a cosmic aberration, then the only value we have is that which is given us by society or those who are the ruling power of the moment. With no intrinsic value, it is perfectly all right if the rulers decide to enslave, disregard or even kill you, because you don’t have value unless they give it to you.
Therefore, abortion is fine for a true evolutionist since there is no value, even for human life, unless those in authority give it to you.
Our government was founded on the premise that what the Bible presents to us is true, therefore our Constitution gave government the authority to protect our God given rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Evolution is the pivotal philosophy that frees government to do whatever they deem to be “right” or just personally advantageous.
So is evolution true?
We can observe what is called Natural Selection.   Changes in a species so that finches, for example, may develop thicker beaks or smaller beaks. Those changes take place in plants or animals within the available gene pool of that distinct reproductive system.
Evolution has never been able to explain the origin of life from non life. Or even the change from a dog to a cat for example, from one kind of animal to another kind. There are variations within a species such as dogs, from chihuahua to Great Dane, but they are still dogs.
Chemical scientists such as Dr. James Tour have said the production of life from non life is essentially impossible by chance or natural processes.

We don’t observe evolution happening around us. We don’t see multitudes of plants or animals with residual left over parts and also newly developing systems that will take millions of years to develop.
There is not an observable biological vehicle that would accommodate changes from one kind of animal to the next or from a plant to an animal.
The go to explanation has been mutations. But mutations are not even a logical alternative to explain why or how new changes continually happen to advance the viability of every living creature to live and improve its survivability factor. In other words, why, by chance, would species of plants or animals continually  become more complex and better adapted to their environment if no intelligence is involved.  Evolution has simply served as a very suspect, weak and unscientific way for those who don’t want God in the life equation.

I have visited Mt. Rushmore a few times in my life. While standing there viewing the likeness of four presidents carved into the mountain I have never heard anyone even speculate that time, chance and natural processes could have done that to the mountain. The design is so distinct, it is obvious there was a designer! Just think about the neurological, circulatory or digestive systems and their complexity.  Or, hearing, smell, taste and the reproductive systems and then try to intelligently explain how they just happened! You might as well say a princess kissed a frog and it turned into a Prince!


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Without Religion You Can’t Hire Enough Police

There is a necessary self control among citizens of a democracy or Republic such as ours.  Professor Clay Christensen from Harvard enquired of a Chinese Fulbright scholar, who was a Marxist economist, studying in Boston in 2011.

When the scholar was asked if he had learned anything interesting or unexpected he said he had no idea how critical religion is to the functioning of democracy. The concept is in a democracy the citizens must be self governed.  They must basically submit to keeping the law voluntarily.

What is the factor that guides citizens to obey.  Personal morality based on religious principle.  Our Christian heritage is vital to the ongoing success of this nation.  Someone or something must compel citizens to voluntarily keep the law. Spiritual awakening is vital to a revived American government.

With this in mind the Chinese scholar concluded, “If you take away religion, you cannot hire enough police.”

For articles quoting this and other American historical tidbits, refer to William Federer’s AmericanMinute.com.