Diversity and Excellence

Diversity or Excellence

 Related to the issues of Equality and Equity is the contrast between Diversity and Excellence.  Diversity is a wonderful thing as we experience a myriad of cultures and backgrounds and broaden our understanding and acceptance of a variety of people and cultures. However, if diversity is the reason for employment or position in and of itself it is harmful to society.  For example, you do not want someone hired to pilot the airplane you are flying in simply on the basis of their gender, color or sexual orientation. You want someone who is trained in excellence on how to fly an airplane. There is not a problem of hiring a diversity of people if they are all equally qualified but if we give in to quotas for quotas sake we are settling for an inferior product and/or service and we take motivation away from people to excel.

Our goal should be diversity with excellence not simply diversity. Excellence should be the determining factor, not race or gender.

The diversity dialogue seems to focus mostly on gender identity issues or sexual preference these days.  Biblically God created mankind Male and Female. This also is scientific. Gender is determined by chromosomes and body parts. There are unfortunate cases of real genetic abnormalities which should be handled with compassion and understanding.  However, most gender identity issues are matters of mental preference. Color of skin issues (race) are a matter of the color of your skin or your genetic parentage. Gender issues should be a matter of your scientific, identifiable physical make up.  We talk more about this in our discussion of truth.

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