Abortion Overview

From a Biblical point of view, we can see in several verses that the unborn or preborn baby is indeed a stage in human development, not a totally different non-human entity.  In Luke 1:44 we read what happened when Mary came to visit her cousin Elizabeth.  Both were pregnant, Mary with Jesus and Elizabeth with John the Baptist.  Elizabeth says, “For behold, when the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby leaped in my womb for joy.” 

The Greek word for baby in this verse is “Brephos”, which is used in Greek for either a preborn or newborn.  It’s not a change in existence from one creature to another.  It is a change in residence from inside the mother to outside. Currently the most dangerous place to live in America is not in Chicago, New York or St. Louis, but in your mother’s womb.

As a civil rights issue abortion is a crime on the basis of place of residence.  A baby unborn 7 months after conception can be killed inside of her mother while a baby 7 months from conception outside of her mother’s womb like my youngest granddaughter is considered a protected human with rights.  Same stage of development, just a different place of residence and stopping its beating heart is legal if you can’t see the baby inside the mother, but murder if this same baby would be visible outside of its mother.

However, the slippery slide of disregard for life is encroaching even on this as now we see advocates for allowing this baby to die if it is a product of an unsuccessful abortion and finds itself alive outside the mother.  Some want to disregard that it is alive and breathing and give it no support to live because the intention was to kill it while still inside the mother.

Both Psalm 139:13-16 and Jeremiah 1:5 show how God regards as a real person, people before they are born.

You’re Not Pro-Life If…?

I have heard in the last two years that if you don’t have an open border philosophy or if you don’t wear a mask you cannot be pro-life because someone could die not crossing the border or they could get Covid if you’re not wearing a mask and die. 

With that reasoning if you text and drive or simply drive a car you cannot be pro-life because someone could die.

The difference is in the intent.  Someone who doesn’t wear a mask or believes in a strict immigration border policy does not do that to kill someone, but every abortion is done with the intent to kill someone, and Intent makes the difference!

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