Debt Forgiveness: The Christian Thing To Do, Right?

I haven’t explored the details of the student loan forgiveness program but we can make some definitive statements irregardless of the specifics.  It seems many Christians are touting this move as the Christian thing to do.  Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.  That’s good, but that’s not what’s taking place here.  

This is more like debt transference.  It would be like me saying I am forgiving Ron’s debt to John and requiring a group unrelated to the agreement between Ron and John to pay the bill.  I can’t forgive the debt of others and require an unrelated person to pay for the debt I have “Forgiven”.  

If the schools said we don’t require payment anymore that would be forgiveness and the government could cancel the loans.  This is just shifting the responsibility for the payment to a group that had nothing to do with the original contract.

I could get a lot of people to like me if I just started canceling other people’s debt and not covering it myself but requiring others to pay it.  Now if these government officials all said we won’t take a check until the debt is all covered that might be a different story!!

Destroying Our Democracy


When I worked on a political campaign I was told don’t worry about the question you are asked just get across the point you’re wanting to make.  I see this lived out in the media almost daily as the “Left” continually spews out, ” this will destroy our Democracy”.   

Language is powerful and certain words can evoke great fervor and emotion.  Destroying our Democracy sounds terrible!  In reality nothing could destroy our Democracy (Republic), more than the loss of election integrity.

There was a Supreme Court leak regarding the ruling that reversed Roe v Wade.  At that same time a documentary was being released called 2,000 Mules, which documented some of the fraud from the 2020 election.  No publicity was given to it in light of the “Leak”.

Now an FBI raid of the former president’s residence has taken the headlines just before more information on the election is about to be released by True The Vote.

In reality some of the biggest threats to “Our Democracy” are the voter fraud, the Supreme Court leak and the Communist style invasions that have become way too frequent on regular citizens (see the documentary “Capitol Punishment), and now the former President.

Saul Alinsky taught that you accuse your enemy of doing what you’re doing.  His disciples which disproportionately reside within the political left are doing just that.  While they cry out they are destroying our democracy, they are doing just that without repercussion.

We were told only a few people could be responsible for the Supreme Court leak so the leaker can be found quickly.  I haven’t heard who it was.  Have you?  Why not?  Could it be the side of the political fence they reside on? 

Not only is the left destroying our historical form of government, they have announced, that is the plan.  They want Socialism!  They said so.  Do you know what that will do?  IT WILL DESTROY OUR DEMOCRACY!!