The word tolerance has been used a lot in the last couple of decades with a very different meaning from a few years earlier.  One of the most dishonorable accusations against one in these days is to be “intolerant.”

Tolerance used to embrace the idea of allowing something to proceed or take place or “putting up” with a situation, person or idea. 

Today tolerance has evolved to mean not only allowing but embracing and endorsing a situation, person or idea.  So you are intolerant if you don’t embrace and endorse homosexual “marriages”, sex changes for minors or transgenders using bathrooms opposite of their birth gender.

Intolerance meant not allowing something in the past.  Now it means not endorsing something.  The idea of inclusion accompanies the concept of tolerance, particularly this inclusion applies to lifestyles.  Every lifestyle is tolerated or included except a lifestyle which would exclude the concept that some lifestyles are not healthy or moral.

Jesus was not tolerant of other philosophies of gaining eternal life and He was exclusive when He said, “I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.”  To believe the Bible and the words of Jesus becomes both intolerant and exclusive by nature of the content of what Jesus said.

The new morality is basically defined by Tolerance.  Morality is not defined in behaviors or actions but in the acceptance of any behavior as equally acceptable as any other behavior.

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