Climate Change and Grand Solar Minimum/Maximum

   On a recent trip overseas I ran into a friend who is an engineer dealing with electrical power generation among other projects.  In talking with him he reminded me of a topic we talked about several years ago.  I have been skeptical about the absolute terms in which we are fed climate change alarms.  As I have said before I have lived through the announcement that we were on the brink of an ice age in the sixties, food rationing by 1980 and ice cap melting by 2013.  All because man is not controlling CO2 emissions.

Shortly after I came home from overseas in 2019, I heard declarations that the earth would be uninhabitable in 18 months.  None of these warnings have proved reliable.  My friend told me that patterns in the Sun’s magnetic fields appear to have much more to do with weather patterns than any manmade emissions or cows passing gas.

Several scientists have made observations on the topic of the Grand Solar Minimum or Maximum and if you really want to be informed on causes of weather patterns or Climate Change it would behoove you to do some research in this area.

I will try to give you some links in the near future.  Happy Research!! 

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