Right-Wing and Left-Wing

Right Wing/Left Wing


Our Founders used right wing and left wing to measure political power not political parties. Extreme  Left wing was more government/ tyranny/Ruler’s Law. Extreme Right wing was anarchy/ no law. Our Founder’s tried to establish People’s Law rather than Ruler’s Law as a balance between Anarchy/ no law on one hand and tyranny/Ruler’s law on the other.

Total right wing would be chaos and total left wing is oppression.

Today we are moving left where government is by the whims of men, rather than the rule of Law.  “Ruler’s Law is when the ruler issues edicts which are called law and then interprets the law and enforces it, thus maintaining tyrannical control of the people.  Problems are solved by issuing more edicts or “laws”, setting up more bureaus, harassing the people with more regulators, and charging the people for these services by continually adding to their burden of taxes.“ (Excerpt taken from the Book 5,000 Year Leap)

In America today we are moving away from the rule of Law to where elected and some unelected officials are making decrees (mandates) that are being enforced and considered Law without going through the legislative process.  Some legislatures are making these mandates Laws in the midst of this “Crisis”.  Many people who are driven to fear will give up freedoms for security.  So, what happens is, there is a crisis, government sweeps in with its answer and people give up freedom for the security of the promised solution the government brings.  In the meantime freedoms have been lost by the people and more authority to govern more areas of life is gained by the ruling class.

With each new crisis freedoms are lost by the populace and powers are gained by governing officials moving us closer to Ruler’s Law rather than People’s Law.

People’s Law has several characteristics.  One being, “primary responsibility for resolving problems rested first of all with the individual, then the family, then the tribe or community, then the region, and finally, the nation.”  (The 5,000 Year Leap, pg. 13)

The fact any tolerance is given to a statement that parents don’t have rights over their children’s education indicates a move toward the left wing of tyranny.

We hear of ‘Right Wing Fascism” today.  Fascism is a very left wing philosophy, including dictators and police states.  The term right wing for fascist seems to have its origin not in what they believed but where they sat in European houses of Parliament.  Communists generally sat on the far left side of Parliament and Fascists sat on the far right, with the others in between.  Communism and Fascism are very closely related governmentally with Fascists exercising control over private business.  We currently see that in the mandates given on a federal level to private businesses   regarding who can work for them.

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