What is a Woman?

                                                                                           Supreme Court Nominee

We’ve come to a critical point in society as we try as a culture to decide how we will determine what is true.  One crucial question being posed is, “What is a woman?”

That used to be a pretty easy question to answer and still is if we know how we determine “Truth”. 

I heard Matt Walsh is doing a video where  he goes around the world asking this question, “What is a woman?”  I’m looking forward to seeing the answers.

What really caught my attention was the nomination hearings for Supreme Court Justice.  In this hearing the candidate was asked what defined a woman.  She said she couldn’t answer because she was not a biologist.  A Biologist!?!

What this says is the candidate intrinsically knows that the definition of a woman is a biological matter.  She didn’t say I’m not a Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Sex Counselor.  Her default thinking took her immediately to biology.  That should probably offend those who think we determine gender by what we think.  The woman must be a right wing fanatic to even want to consult a biologist on gender matters!

Maybe some basic understanding was exposed by her answer that some in our society are afraid to recognize.  We really do know women and men are defined by biological parts and chromosomes!!!     

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