Palestinian Occupiers!?!?

Occupiers!  Apartheid State!  The words describe what is automatically regarded as a toxic hateful condition.  No argument necessary.  The use of inflammatory generalizations settles the issue.

Israelis are called occupiers even though they have lived in the land for 3,000 years.  “Palestine” at one time not too long ago was just another term for the land we call Israel. And Israel is called an Apartheid State even though Arabs hold positions in government and business in Israel.

The irony is that left wing liberals who oppose the existence of Israel and call for a two state solution have little understanding of what they are asking for.  

If a separate Arab Palestinian State was established it would be intolerant of homosexuals.  With the general history of other Arab states to consider it would likely be oppressive to women and it has been declared, no Israeli could live in it, AN APARTHEID STATE!!!  A government established on the basis of race.

So Palestine would be anti-gay, hostile to women and racist!  That is what left wingers are advocating in their ignorance when they say they stand for just the opposite.  

Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the only Jewish state in the world and it actually allows Arab participation in its government.  What Arab States have allowed Jewish participation? 

Girl Given Access to Dress and Undress in Boy’s Locker Room

   In Rural Southern Illinois, a teacher has been put on administrative leave for not allowing a biological female to use the Boy’s locker room to change her clothes.

There is an Illinois law that allows one to dress in the Locker room of the sex they identify themselves as.  Here is a philosophical problem.  How can you determine if someone identifies as a boy or a girl if you cannot define what boy or girl means?  What is a boy, or girl?

If it is not defined by chromosomes and genitals, what is it defined by?  Are you male if you are aggressive or stronger?  What if you have male genitals but are passive and weaker?  Does that make you a girl?

What is it you identify as if you say you identify as a boy or girl?  We must have a clear definition to even begin to make any kind of judgment call.  

Truth is not something we make up internally it is something we discover externally.  What facts are used to determine gender?  Truth is a faithful representation of the facts.  It has been easy for years to determine male and female by genitals and chromosomes.  We still do that with every other animal species except humans.

You don’t have to interview horses to determine their gender.  You simply examine their genitals.

Before we can truly determine if someone identifies as male or female, there must of necessity be a definition of what males and females are!  Otherwise we are simply embracing fantasy, feeling, opinion or delusion as fact with no objective grounds to make a determination.

New York Supreme Court reverses Vaccine Mandates

Many people in New York and across the United States lost their jobs for not getting the COVID 19 “Vaccine Shot”.  The New York Supreme Court has now ruled that workers must be rehired and paid for time lost because of these illegal mandates.

In the summary of the decision that I read, the court stated that the vaccine neither prevented getting the disease nor did it prevent the spreading of the disease.

These statements were considered to be misinformation and got you banned from speaking in the public forum through social media just a few months ago.  You were labeled some kind of denier or anti vaccine proponent or some other label that brings with it the sense of public rejection and an anti science label!

Could it be possible to oppose a bad vaccine and approve of others?  Or is that not a possibility?  If a fraction of the deaths reported to VAERS, which is the voluntary reporting service for adverse effects from the vaccine, are truly related to these vaccines, these would be the deadliest vaccines in history.

So now the court is making decisions by declaring that which was loudly and arrogantly proclaimed as misinformation to be true.

The frightening reality is someone had authority to disseminate their own information worldwide and had the cooperation of social media and the press to suppress other opinions which in reality were more accurate than what the official experts were telling us!

We just wanted to be able to make our own informed decision on the serious matter!  Once again it is both inadequate and disingenuous to say simply that the vaccine is “safe and effective!”

Truth on Vaccines is Seeping Through Cracks in the Media Barricades

You have certainly heard advertisements for Pharmaceuticals on TV where they tell you all the benefits until the end of the Ad when someone reads off all the possible adverse effects faster than the speed of light in a way that is incomprehensible to the listener.  They are covering their liability by advising you ahead of time what might go wrong.

Did you notice there have been no such warnings when promoting the COVID-19 “Vaccines”?  They have simply been described as safe and effective.  The reason they have no disclaimers is because they were prescribed under the Emergency Powers Act.  Therefore, they are immune to lawsuit as long as there is no treatment for the virus.  Thus, it seems treatments were blocked or rejected during the early days of the pandemic to preserve immunity to liability.  Some have contended that lives were sacrificed to maintain this immunity to legal action.  Early on, the Doctors who were asking why we’re not treating people had their voices silenced and their opinions banned from public display. 

However, now we are seeing adverse effects of cytotoxic proteins, ganglia clots being observed by embalmers that were never seen like this before the pandemic/vaccine era, major upticks in myocarditis and pericarditis among young men particularly and a major uptick in deaths in general reported by insurance companies that are unrelated to COVID.

A report I read today said the effectiveness of the vaccines deteriorates after 70 to about 90 days depending on which vaccine.  At that point some even report a negative effectiveness which means you are more likely to get the disease if vaccinated.  If this hasn’t been totally substantiated yet, it still would have been nice to know even preliminary findings before decisions are made that can alter your life.

This is one example.  I remember hearing an early Cleveland Clinic study that indicated it would not be useful to receive the vaccine if you had already recovered from COVID.  This information and studies like this were not easily found.

The mantra has been safe and effective.  THAT’S IT!!  Very disingenuous!  At least we should have been hearing some incomprehensible warning at the end of vaccine promotions warning of the possible adverse effects.  Now we begin to hear when it’s too late for many to make their own informed decision.

When government decides what can be heard and what is truth we are no longer in a free society.  That was what happened during this pandemic.  William Federer’s book “Socialism” is subtitled, How the deep state capitalizes on crises to consolidate control.  Very telling and seemingly applicable to what we have just gone through.

Climate Change and Grand Solar Minimum/Maximum

   On a recent trip overseas I ran into a friend who is an engineer dealing with electrical power generation among other projects.  In talking with him he reminded me of a topic we talked about several years ago.  I have been skeptical about the absolute terms in which we are fed climate change alarms.  As I have said before I have lived through the announcement that we were on the brink of an ice age in the sixties, food rationing by 1980 and ice cap melting by 2013.  All because man is not controlling CO2 emissions.

Shortly after I came home from overseas in 2019, I heard declarations that the earth would be uninhabitable in 18 months.  None of these warnings have proved reliable.  My friend told me that patterns in the Sun’s magnetic fields appear to have much more to do with weather patterns than any manmade emissions or cows passing gas.

Several scientists have made observations on the topic of the Grand Solar Minimum or Maximum and if you really want to be informed on causes of weather patterns or Climate Change it would behoove you to do some research in this area.

I will try to give you some links in the near future.  Happy Research!! 


The Fascist title is being tossed around by all sorts of people from every direction.  Sometimes the term far right fascist is used.  Usually this implies an unhealthy nationalism.  Which would have to be a nationalism that imposed itself on other nations.  Otherwise a love and dedication to your own country could be called Patriotism.  Fascism is not right wing politically since right wing implies less government while fascism is a dictatorship.  Fascists were called far right in European Parliaments because that is where they were seated in the chambers, the Communists were far left and the fascists were far right positionally in the parliament chambers.

The left wing politicians commonly call right wingers in these days fascist.  They imply by this they are overly Patriotic.  While true Fascism is usually characterized by militarizing the police against political opponents, censoring the sources of information and colluding with and controlling private business to institute government policies.  

So, the raids by the FBI on private citizens (and former Presidents), the censoring of those who oppose left wing rhetoric or government sanctioned “truth” on social media and Main stream media and the fact that these sources of media are acting as an arm of the left wing government views are the real signs of Fascism.  We thus are moving toward a ruling class and a ruled class.  The ruling class establishes the limits on what you can think by limiting the sources of your information. And this is done by actually controlling the operation of private business, in this case controlling social media and main stream news.

SO certain claims that conservatives or MAGA Republicans are fascist, Or Semi Fascist, is being made by those who are truly acting like Fascists.

Once again, just accuse your opponents of doing what you are doing or plan to do.  The strategy of the day!  Saul Alinsky would be proud.

Debt Forgiveness: The Christian Thing To Do, Right?

I haven’t explored the details of the student loan forgiveness program but we can make some definitive statements irregardless of the specifics.  It seems many Christians are touting this move as the Christian thing to do.  Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.  That’s good, but that’s not what’s taking place here.  

This is more like debt transference.  It would be like me saying I am forgiving Ron’s debt to John and requiring a group unrelated to the agreement between Ron and John to pay the bill.  I can’t forgive the debt of others and require an unrelated person to pay for the debt I have “Forgiven”.  

If the schools said we don’t require payment anymore that would be forgiveness and the government could cancel the loans.  This is just shifting the responsibility for the payment to a group that had nothing to do with the original contract.

I could get a lot of people to like me if I just started canceling other people’s debt and not covering it myself but requiring others to pay it.  Now if these government officials all said we won’t take a check until the debt is all covered that might be a different story!!

Destroying Our Democracy


When I worked on a political campaign I was told don’t worry about the question you are asked just get across the point you’re wanting to make.  I see this lived out in the media almost daily as the “Left” continually spews out, ” this will destroy our Democracy”.   

Language is powerful and certain words can evoke great fervor and emotion.  Destroying our Democracy sounds terrible!  In reality nothing could destroy our Democracy (Republic), more than the loss of election integrity.

There was a Supreme Court leak regarding the ruling that reversed Roe v Wade.  At that same time a documentary was being released called 2,000 Mules, which documented some of the fraud from the 2020 election.  No publicity was given to it in light of the “Leak”.

Now an FBI raid of the former president’s residence has taken the headlines just before more information on the election is about to be released by True The Vote.

In reality some of the biggest threats to “Our Democracy” are the voter fraud, the Supreme Court leak and the Communist style invasions that have become way too frequent on regular citizens (see the documentary “Capitol Punishment), and now the former President.

Saul Alinsky taught that you accuse your enemy of doing what you’re doing.  His disciples which disproportionately reside within the political left are doing just that.  While they cry out they are destroying our democracy, they are doing just that without repercussion.

We were told only a few people could be responsible for the Supreme Court leak so the leaker can be found quickly.  I haven’t heard who it was.  Have you?  Why not?  Could it be the side of the political fence they reside on? 

Not only is the left destroying our historical form of government, they have announced, that is the plan.  They want Socialism!  They said so.  Do you know what that will do?  IT WILL DESTROY OUR DEMOCRACY!!

The Hijacking of Gender Terminology

When I was in Grammar school and High School we were taught you couldn’t define a word using the word to define itself.  Well…. we’re in a new age.  It seems the words man and woman are undefinable in the popular culture without using the terms man and woman in the definition.  There are no identifiable traits only I identify as….

So, I heard a Professor from Cal Berkeley giving testimony before Congress and she was asked if her term, people with a capacity for pregnancy are women. She said some cis women get pregnant some don’t and some trans men get pregnant or some such thing.  What has happened is definitions of terms, specifically men and women, have been hijacked and given new all encompassing and yet very vague and undefinable definitions, other than, I identify as….!

It’s probably time to begin using our own terms, such as people with a uterus, formerly called women, can be pregnant. The term, Man, has been hijacked to mean nothing in particular.  To listen to this Professor explain why some men can get pregnant showed just how proud she was to explain these mysteries and of course immediately accuse the Congressman who asked the question of being transphobic and contributing to violence and the death of trans people.  

It is very prevalent for the advocates of gender confusion to turn to accusation or name calling whenever anyone disagrees with their declarations.  That puts an end to the discussion since anyone who disagrees is doing violence and is hostile.  No need for discussion, logic or biological facts when the  gender “confusionist” has said what she/he/it/they/them has to say.  After all, I am a Professor at an institution of higher learning and you need to listen to what I say and just agree.

It’s funny as I read the recap of this discussion from both liberal and conservative news casts, each thought the person they supported “schooled” the other and put them to shame.  The Professor exhibited no shame from what I could see nor did the Congressman.  It’s been a simple issue over the years and still is.  If you desire to raise horses, for example, you need at least one female  and one male.  Even if the horse thinks it’s the opposite gender, it doesn’t matter.  And in the adult human species, the adult females have been called, women, for a long time and the adult males have been called men.  They have distinct chromosomes and sexual parts and it is really pretty easy to distinguish.  If you are confused we can get you help to work through the confusion.  Your imagination doesn’t change facts.  It reminds me of a verse in Romans, “Confessing themselves to be wise, they became fools…”

The only reason they have any argument is because they have hijacked the terms and given them their own definitions.  Maybe we should classify humans as uterus people and prostate people, although men and women is a lot easier!!



Evolutionary theory has been held onto by those who need to eliminate God from their view of life. If God exists, and He does, each of us has intrinsic value. We have value because we are each God’s special creation and life has been given to us as His gift.  There is also right and wrong, a standard of morality.
On the contrary, if we simply evolved as a cosmic aberration, then the only value we have is that which is given us by society or those who are the ruling power of the moment. With no intrinsic value, it is perfectly all right if the rulers decide to enslave, disregard or even kill you, because you don’t have value unless they give it to you.
Therefore, abortion is fine for a true evolutionist since there is no value, even for human life, unless those in authority give it to you.
Our government was founded on the premise that what the Bible presents to us is true, therefore our Constitution gave government the authority to protect our God given rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Evolution is the pivotal philosophy that frees government to do whatever they deem to be “right” or just personally advantageous.
So is evolution true?
We can observe what is called Natural Selection.   Changes in a species so that finches, for example, may develop thicker beaks or smaller beaks. Those changes take place in plants or animals within the available gene pool of that distinct reproductive system.
Evolution has never been able to explain the origin of life from non life. Or even the change from a dog to a cat for example, from one kind of animal to another kind. There are variations within a species such as dogs, from chihuahua to Great Dane, but they are still dogs.
Chemical scientists such as Dr. James Tour have said the production of life from non life is essentially impossible by chance or natural processes.

We don’t observe evolution happening around us. We don’t see multitudes of plants or animals with residual left over parts and also newly developing systems that will take millions of years to develop.
There is not an observable biological vehicle that would accommodate changes from one kind of animal to the next or from a plant to an animal.
The go to explanation has been mutations. But mutations are not even a logical alternative to explain why or how new changes continually happen to advance the viability of every living creature to live and improve its survivability factor. In other words, why, by chance, would species of plants or animals continually  become more complex and better adapted to their environment if no intelligence is involved.  Evolution has simply served as a very suspect, weak and unscientific way for those who don’t want God in the life equation.

I have visited Mt. Rushmore a few times in my life. While standing there viewing the likeness of four presidents carved into the mountain I have never heard anyone even speculate that time, chance and natural processes could have done that to the mountain. The design is so distinct, it is obvious there was a designer! Just think about the neurological, circulatory or digestive systems and their complexity.  Or, hearing, smell, taste and the reproductive systems and then try to intelligently explain how they just happened! You might as well say a princess kissed a frog and it turned into a Prince!


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