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Critical Race Theory finds its origins in Marxism.  While Marx stressed the difference between the workers and ruling class and created “class” warfare, CRT is currently promoting racial division as a means to promote their agenda.  Nonetheless, it is an expression of Marxist philosophy.  Leveling outcomes, what you possess, without consideration of effort.  So everyone gets the same thing.  Our founding Fathers considered inequality of possessions a sign of freedom because everyone having the same thing is not natural.  If everyone has the same possessions it means that some authority is making that happen thus you are not in a free society but are under oppression of government to insure results.  They saw this as tyranny. 

A society of people who freely work for themselves do not end up with everyone owning the same amount of everything.

The question then must be answered whether you are willing to have things taken away from you and given to someone else if you have more than them.  Everyone seems to like the idea of being given something so their standard of living rises, but that is not the long term result of Socialism/Marxism/Communism.

 A Christian response encourages generosity.  I Timothy 6:17,18, “Instruct those who are rich….to be generous and eager to share.”  In Socialism, resources are spread out and distributed not on the basis of merit, what you’ve earned, but on the basis of equity.  I visited Russia in 1997 and saw the lingering effects of Communism.  Everyone had about the same thing, virtually nothing.

Government is seen as God in these systems as it is responsible for providing everything for everyone.  Free education is offered when in reality it becomes free indoctrination to the controlling philosophy of oppressive government that these isms create.

Socialism and its related systems gain control through crisis or chaos.  When there is crisis or if crisis can be created, government sweeps in and offers an answer.  With the answer comes the sacrifice on the part of the people of freedoms/rights with the corresponding gain of control by those in power.  While these systems try to point out the inequities of society you are still left with a controlling class that is not subject to the oppressive restrictions on free enterprise and has the rights to dip their hands in the public funds to lavishly provide for themselves.

These systems result in the loss of motivation to work, a deeper separation of workers and ruling class, and the loss of free exchange of ideas, since only certain sources of information are allowed.  Dissent from these ideologies is restricted and punished.  And while a utopian society of well-being for everyone is promised resources dry up from lack of motivated free enterprise.

The idea of wealth redistribution (equity) was called leveling by our founding fathers.  They said it was not the government’s position to take wealth from someone and give it to another.  The care of the poor should be by the benevolence of individuals or the formation of charitable organizations.  The idea was to encourage charity but not forcibly take from one to give to another.  That sounds a bit like stealing! 


Books: Socialism:  The Real History From Plato to the Present by William Federer 

5,000 Year Leap by Skousen

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