Climate Change

 Climate Change


When I was in Elementary School we were being told that scientists said we were on the brink of another ice age.  In 1972 when I was in College scientists told us we would be rationing food and water by 1980.  I began taking one minute showers to save the planet.  (It didn’t last long,  both the shower and my commitment to save water.)  Then we came to the era of global warming.  It was conclusive! We’re losing the icecaps and they will be completely melted by 2013 or maybe 2014, etc. etc… Within the last couple years alarmists have declared the planet will be uninhabitable in 18 months or whatever, pick a time frame.

Predicting global weather trends has been tricky business with very little accuracy.   However, if no one really remembers what was said you can keep shouting the alarms with little or no accountability for truth.  I remember after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast that there were immediate predictions of increased numbers and intensity of Hurricanes.  Instead over the next few years there were nowhere near the number of hurricanes there were in 2005 which had set a record.

Predicting trends has made many people look foolish over the past century.  Global crises predictions are speculative.  An award winning environmentalist named Michael Shellenberger has re-examined his position on catastrophic prognostications in a book called “Apocalypse Never”.  I would suggest reading this at least to balance the wild hysterical predictions thrown out in the general public in order to induce major public policy changes and funding for certain environmental projects through fear.

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